Thursday, 15 July 2010

Human beings turned into goats (or possibly vice versa) in Nigeria

Yesterday morning, rumours spread like bush fire in the harmattan in Ojo, and other neighbouring towns in Lagos and Ogun States that seven human beings were turned to goats through esoteric means . The rumour also had it that the goats were detained in Ojo Police station. A motley crowd besieged the police station to witness the bizarre development. Everybody struggled to catch a glimpse of the human beings –turned goats. The police found it difficult to control the crowd.

This led to traffic gridlock on the Ojo Road, leading to the Alaba International Market. The Divisional Police Officer, Isaac Ogbogbo, a Chief Superintendent of Police, brought his experience to bear in controlling the crowd that was desperate to see the goats. After satisfying their curiosity, they dispersed one after the other.

From one source to another, the story kept magnifying. It first started with a human being turning to a goat until it became seven goats turning to seven human beings. It was the subject of discussion at bus stops, inside commercial vehicles and markets with each source presenting different versions of the story. […]

From the Daily Sun, Nigeria, 7 July 2010