Sunday, 9 February 2014

Man Turns into Woman-Eating Snake, Local Police Implicated

The news of a man who transformed into a python and swallowed a girl in his hotel room in Molyko, Buea, spread like wildfire Saturday morning leaving curious citizens with no option than to rush to the said hotel (name withheld) to see for themselves the monster and its victim. The crowd that streamed in disrupted traffic between Mile 17 Motor Park and Molyko as they wanted to forcefully get into the hotel and get the python killed. 

The situation degenerated transforming the Mile 17-UB Junction stretch of the main boulevard in Molyko, Buea on Saturday November 9, into a Hollywood film scene or better still, a reminiscence of strike scenario in the University of Buea as an angry mob of students and other curious denizens were being prevented by security operatives from forcing themselves into the hotel premises to see the python that is alleged to have mysteriously swallowed a girl. The situation resulted into an open confrontation between security forces and the crowd that threw stones on the forces leading to untold destruction of the hotel’s panes and cars parked in the hotel premises.

The security forces of the Buea Mobile Intervention Unit, 2nd District Police post in Molyko and the Gendarmerie squadron fired tear gas to disperse the crowd and restore calm and traffic flow on the stretch. The chaos left some persons with injuries including a Police officer of the GMI Buea who sustained a head injury from a stone. By press time, some four demonstrators were arrested by security forces. The Divisional Officer of Buea, Paul Wakam Kouam, the deputy State Counsel of Buea, Magistrate John Njonjo, the first Deputy Mayor of Buea, Emmanuel Motomby Mbome, all came to the scene to restore order.

The DO advised the crowd to retire to their homes assuring them that nothing strange has been discovered in the hotel following an inspection of the rooms. Earlier, the Manager of the Hotel simply described the incident as rumour circulated by his competitors. One of the hotel staff said the presence of a senior Police official at the hotel who was accompanied by regional police officials for breakfast that Saturday morning must have triggered the widespread rumours.

A separate report the following day on RTV Nouvelles adds the detail that the man transformed himself into a snake after having sex with the woman.