Friday, 15 June 2012

Menstrual blood as weapon of class war

Maid who spiked coffee with menstrual blood jailed

SINGAPORE: The Indonesian maid who served her former employer coffee spiked with menstrual blood has been sentenced to a month's jail.

24-year-old Jumiah, who goes by one name, admitted to spiking her then-employer's coffee with her discharge on August 31, 2011 at about 6.30am.

Court documents showed that Jumiah said the victim's mother was "very demanding" and she was made to re-do her work if it fell below expectations.

Jumiah, who had worked in the household since July last year, requested for a change of employer but was rejected.

So the maid resorted to mixing her menstrual discharge with her employer's coffee as she remembered being told by a friend that the mixture would make a person nicer.

She stored her discharge in a plastic bottle for 5 days before serving it to the victim.

The bottle was discovered by the victim's mother on the day of the incident.

Jumiah was confronted thrice before admitting to have done so.

In submissions, assistant public prosecutor Lim Yu Hui asked for a deterrent sentence as the act was pre-meditated.

APP Lim added that Jumiah abused her position of trust and lied to cover up her deed when confronted.

She said that there was no ill conduct on the part of the employer and his family and that the act has caused much anguish to them.

In mitigation, Jumiah told the court through a translator that she's "very remorseful" and has" apologised over the foolish act".

She pleaded for leniency so she can go back home for Hari Raya.

In sentencing, district judge said fortunately no serious harm was done, but he agreed that a deterrent message must be sent to domestic helpers and ordered Jumiah to be jailed for a month.