Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bele Sheephead

Bele Sheephead haunts Broughton Moor road near Flimby in Cumbria. Bele was a young girl
who discovered her pet lamb killed by a fox. She felt a strange and irresistible urge to drink its blood, and from then on her thirst for fresh sheep's blood was insatiable. Eventually she become a half-sheep, half-human creature, and continues to haunt the road and terrify motorists. According to one local legend, one couple were stranded on the road when their car ran out of petrol. The man went off to get help while his wife dozed off in the car. She was later awoken by the arrival of the police and an ambulance. A policeman told her to get out of the car and not look back – but of course, she did look back, to see her husband's decapitated body lying in the road and his head stuck on a nearby fence. The locals believed Bele Sheephead had been at it again.

Source: Alan Murdie, Ghostwatch, Fortean Times no. 299, May 2013.