Friday, 5 April 2013

Ghost strips clothes from sleepers

A Bulawayo family report that their sleep is disturbed by something removing their clothes.

Noel Kazembe, the father, explained that the family 'go to bed without hassles but at around 1am we hear weird sounds but when we try to rise we find ourselves failing to move, as if we have been tied to the bed. I don't know what happens afterwards but we wake up naked in the morning.'

This has happened to all members of the family, and on one occasion they all slept in the same room out of fear.

Kazembe, who belongs to an apostolic sect, said he had tried prayers, but without success. 'I took up the issue with my church elders and they tried to help but to no avail. Even a senior prophet came to my house and prayed but we woke up naked the following morning,' he said.

He has said that he will turn to traditional help if prayers continue to fail. 'I have a grandfather who is a sangoma so I guess I will be forced to seek his help.'

A local source told press that the incidents had started after Kazembe's brother reportedly killed a friend in Tsholotsho. 'It must be the dead man's spirit that's now revenging,' he said.

Kazembe rejects this. 'Why would that person's spirit come here? It's nonsensical to think like that,' fumed the man who mysteriously wakes up naked